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1. Find Online Surveys

If you've ever surfed the web, then you know that pop-ups are a way of life. A good portion of pop-ups tend to be surveys that are promoting some time of discount if completed. Most people simply close those windows, but take a closer look next time. Research companies constantly advertise online to get sample sizes for major industries. Most of these companies offer rewards for a couple minutes of your time and think about it...$5 for a 5 minute survey is a pretty good rate!

2. Scour the Web and Get Paid

In this modern age, you can get paid for doing things you would normally do anyways. A new revolutionary idea is receiving wages for using popular search bars. The only catch, if you want to call it that, is that you'll receive more 'sponsored listings' as a result. If you're anything like me, I just scroll down to the regular results regardless. You also have the option to donate your earnings to charity. Sounds like a perfect opportunity to pay it forward! Make money by sharing your opinion!

3. Become a Professional Reviewer

When you try something new, what do you typically do? Speaking for myself and my peers, reviewing the product or the business is a way to provide information that other people couldn't possibly know. My hope is that others will be able to make more informed decisions on their choices. Well, if you post a lot of reviews without getting paid, then why not do the same and add to your bank account? There are now some web browsers that offer compensation for your opinion. Maximize your earnings without doing anything different!

4. Online Contracted Work

In the past, most companies and industries would write all of their copy and complete the little tasks themselves. Today, it's more cost effective to outsource the majority of that work on the internet. There are a plethora of sites in which you can simply sign up with and start working that same day. Typically the jobs will range from data entry to form filling. It's a stress free option that provides quick cash.

5. Cash Back while Shopping

I always check for the best deals and if coupons are available to be used. It's a simple task that can pay dividends on your month to month bank statements. Just like mentioned above, there are now apps that you can install on your browser or device that will register your purchases. They may see your history to determine trends, but they'll money back on your purchases. It's like using coupons without the mess!

6. Become a Published Photographer

Do you take a lot of photos during your everyday life? If you're with the times, the photos are probably being uploaded to the cloud for easy use no matter the device. If you don't mind showing the world your picture taking skills, you can easily sell those photos to online sites. Some photography sites offer immediate compensation for the activity you love doing. Hey, if you're confident in your abilities, then why not monetize the beautiful pictures you take?

7. Read for a Fee

Not everyone is the best at grammar, spelling or the English language in general. They don't call it the hardest language to learn for nothing. So, what now exists? Some online services exists for you to sign up and review copy. Typically the pay is solid too! All you have to do is proofread other people's work and you'll see money deposited into your account. Instead of reading gossip, get paid to read real work.

8. Get Paid to Get in Shape

If you're a health nut, you know that nothing will stop you from getting in your daily workout. Unfortunately, most of the time, this comes with a cost. Unless you're only into calisthenics, gym memberships cost a pretty penny. It might be cheaper to purchase your exercise equipment, but then you still have to house and maintain the quality of that equipment. 

Instead, a new option is now available in the market. You can now receive money for getting in shape. On new apps, you can place bets to see how in shape you can get. If you hit your targets, then you get paid! Want some more motivation?

9. Sell Your Cash!

Yes, you read that right - you can now get paid for selling your money. There are certain sites online that are interested in bills that have rare or strange serial numbers. Take a look at your cash and inspect the numbers. If there are some that fit the criteria, see if you can increase the value. Some bills are taking in $100 their value at the store because of rarity.

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